ECS 410

Cannon Ball–pre internship is here!

This time next week I will be starting pre-internship in a high school FIAP program. For those of you who don’t know, FIAP stands for functionally integreted academic program. It is dedicated to working with diverse students with varying abilities that range from FASD to autism to cerebral palsy. Their goal is to provide the tools for them to be successful academically and preparing them for real world living. Ideally, students are to be able to work in a specialized program, but have multiple opportunities to join general classrooms as well. 


As an inclusive education minor and advocate for diversity, I am shaking with excitement for this learning journey! Some challenges I hope to overcome are getting to know how an adapted curriculum works and applying new strategies for assessment and instruction. I would also like to get better at planning smart, timely, and with differentiation in mind. After many years in the ed. program, differentiation has finally become more than just a buzz word. It is getting more clear as I progress in my classes what DI truly means and looks like in the classroom.

By the end of this experience I hope for many opportunities to practice, apply and deepen my understanding of DI, assessment, and adpating curriculum.