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Summary of Learning in ECMP 355

The last two months with this class flew by quickly! I am happy to see the end of my last university class for awhile but in a way, I am sad to leave the community we have developed in our class. It has been great to be connected to a pool of teachers who are all so willing and eager to help and share with each other. BUT I will not fret because a good chunk of this class was dedicated to learning how to develop a professional network online!

To see my overall thoughts and growth in the class check out my video below. I hope you enjoy it! I used a combination of sign language, images, and a voice over in my summary as a way to demonstrate some growth in my learning project that was also part of this course:


Lifelong learner; future educator

5 thoughts on “Summary of Learning in ECMP 355

  1. I should have done your management style! I struggled with trying to get everything out, to read tweets and to find new articles! I think you are on to something that you have to schedule time! I love your use of sign language.

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