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Making conversation.. learning along the way

This week I am on to challenge #2 for the ASL club on Facebook! Challenge #2 entails finger spelling 10 wordswithout posting the answers– and getting a chance to network with the other learners in the club through their guesses and answers. Next week I will post the answers in the comment section of my video!

Can you guess what I’m saying? I challenge you to learn the ASL alphabet and get back to me  😉  Take a shot and comment below if you think you know what I am fingerspelling! There are 10 words, good luck  🙂   I’ll post the answers next week!




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2 thoughts on “Making conversation.. learning along the way

  1. Hi! I love that you challenged us to learn the alphabet. Your first word is your name, Alexus. And then since I’m at work, I stopped there. 🙂 But, I have a question for you: Does it matter which hand you sign with? I noticed that the alphabet I was looking at was done with the opposite hand than what you were doing, and the signs were backwards.

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    1. Thank you! I never realized it but I am a lefty when I sign so when I sign on video it’s hard to tell what letters I’m signing. I was going to do some research on whether it matters or not. I hypothesize that there are lefty signers like there are lefty writers but I’ll have to dig and find out 😊


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