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Digging Deeper..

When I began my journey, the first resource I found and continue to use the most is Rochelle Barlow’s ASL in 31 days. Through her program, I joined a facebook challenge group and.. as promised, I completed my first challenge: Introducing myself to the challenge group!

In this video, I introduce myself by finger spelling my name, sharing my age, the country I’m from, and what I do for fun and work.

After posting my video to the challenge group, I left it open for feedback from my fellow learners and teachers:

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 6.07.17 PM.png

How cool is this?! I love that I can connect with people online who sign and get feedback. I’m hoping as I continue to post challenge videos I can make more connections. It would be really neat to make a friend online through learning ASL.

The work does not stop there! Of course the learning in a learning project.. never ends! I am continuing to dig through the online world hunting for resources and communities related to learning ASL. In my recent post, I attempted to join a Google + community for individuals who use ASL or are learning it. Unfortunately, I was denied access.. sadness..

Fear not, I don’t give up that easily! I found an open Google + community: The Sign Language Community. This group allows members to join their group as soon as they request! I reached out to the group and asked for a little help with resources. I am hoping that by doing this, I can meet some ASL learners to network with via Skype or video chat. This way I can have some raw practice with conversing in ASL and connecting with learners around the world.

I also explored some pages my colleagues follow on Facebook related to sign language (fan pages, sayings, etc):

  • Whyisign: I love this page because it has inspiring videos, memes, and videos of people who post themselves signing and describe the reasons they sign.
  • We Love Sign Langauge: This page is very diverse! There are memes, quotes, shirts you can order, and videos here as well. What I love most about this is that they post resources for ASL learners as well such as the alphabet, and signs related to time.
  • InVisible REvolution: This page is more of an advocacy and awareness page than it is a resource for learning ASL itself. It’s actually a page for a documentary that will soon be released called Invisible Revolution. The documentary is about a mother who fights for the survival of her culture and her son in a hearing world. This page is just as valuable to me as the others that I use to learn ASL because I think the deaf culture and history behind ASL is so important to learn about and understand.



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4 thoughts on “Digging Deeper..

    1. Me either! Honestly, I thought that’s what you were supposed to do because I watch this TV show where there is always an interaction between hearing and deaf and they often do that. When I watch closely now, they only do it when its a hearing and deaf person interacting but not when deaf and deaf people are interacting. Im guessing that the mouthing words is an effort to help hearing people understand what theyre trying to say?


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