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Another Door Opens: ASL & Deaf Culture

I am so thrilled to announce that I have found more online communities and resources to guide me along my learning journey with ASL (American sign language). When I first began this journey I searched for ASL communities via Twitter and Facebook and only found one. This week, I wanted to challenge myself and find at least one more online community or resource for learning ASL. So, I did what all millenials do best… I googled “ASL learning communities”.

The first link that caught my eye was an ASL Buddies Google + community. This is cool to me because I only started learning about google communities since starting this class (ECMP355). Through this particular community, there are people to chat with and get tips from who are hearing, deaf, hard of hearing, etc. Finally, there is a link to a webpage called Dr. Bill Vicar’s ASL. It has daily quizzes that test your ability to decode sign language and finger spelling. Each day there is a new word to try and decode and there is a built in translator that you can find signs to words or phrases you want to learn.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 6.26.35 PM.png

I am becoming amazed at the learning opportunities the internet holds if you really utilize it’s ability to open doors for you. I am currently working on building a sense of community in my life which is why I initially shared my negative feelings toward tech. Through this learning journey using online resources, I am finding it is possible to build community via the Internet. This completely changes my view on technology and creates an open mind that leads me to truly seeing the positive impact technology can have.



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5 thoughts on “Another Door Opens: ASL & Deaf Culture

  1. What a wonderful learning community! Great find! Is this (or could this) learning community be student friendly? It would be awesome to bring this learning into the classroom for students to use, interact, and most importantly learn from.


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