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Social Media PD via Twitter

This week I got to fully participate in #saskedchat on Twitter with my fellow collegues and tech teachers from around the world!

Now, if you haven’t participated in saskedchat I highly recommend it, here’s why: Saskedchat is a professional development network via Twitter that takes place every Thursday at 8 p.m. Sask. time. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 8.05.55 PM.png

I found it especially useful for me as I enter the teaching field in small town Sask. Perhaps like me, you enjoy the slow small town life. If you do, you understand that the diversity is not always as rich and resources aren’t always as easy to find as they were in the city. Hence, the wonderful all access online world.

However, this chat is so much more than getting links to resources. It is networking with fellow educators all over. You get resources AND human connections. To me, that is incredible. I truly believe teaching is a collaborative effort. The only way we can get better at what we do and lay ground for change is by CONNECTING with one another and hey, why not make some friends along the way.

The topic of discussion this week on saskedchat: Technology Integration. What a fitting topic for us in ECMP 355!

Here is a list of the questions we discussed and some highlights from the conversation:

After only one chat I made multiple connections with incredible educators, received multiple links to resources, and had some nice professional conversation with like minds. I will certainly use this tool in the future and make it a priority for my professional development via social media. 

A warning to the new users of Twitter or those who would like to try #saskedchat: it can be overwhelming at first. Teachers from all over are talking all at once, completely filling up your feed. It can be difficult to keep up and keep track of who is saying what. You see a good idea, you want to answer the tweet, yet looking at all the other ideas and trying to answer some of the questions yourself….yikes. WAIT, don’t run away yet.

For my first chat, I answered a few questions but took some time to step back and admire the beauty of the networking and ideas bouncing off each other so quickly. I retweeted many ideas, liked many tweets, and followed many new people! This was my method for easing into such a new fast paced environment. 

In future chats, I hope to learn more, articulate my thoughts in a perfect 140 or less character count, find knowledge of my own to share with the world, and gain full access to even more professionals in the teaching world!


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4 thoughts on “Social Media PD via Twitter

  1. #saskedchat is a great place to meet other educators, especially if you are looking for a Sk connection. I also suggest checking out #ATAssess with @KatieWhite426 for great assessment info, #sblchat for information about standard based learning, #WeirdEd for, well just a different view of the education, and #ubdchat for information about Understanding by Design and planning. I also highly recommend using TweetDeck with a few different columns open during a chat – helps to keep up with what is happening. Hope to see you soon at #saskedchat!

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  2. #saskedchat was a surprise – like being in the middle of a crowd in a strange city, not knowing where to turn.I noticed a few commented on going to the chat after class on Thursday night last. So much to learn about technology for the classroom and so very little time it seems.

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    1. What a great analogy! It certainly does! The reason I love saskedchat is it’s an easy way to get in your professional development through tech at least once a week!


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